Coltrane – remixes

Many thanks to Keith over at Fruits de Mer for sending over a spare copy of the remix CD that comes accompanying that forthcoming uber grooving tripadelic Coltrane set that pits the kaleidoscopic hive mind of the Earthling Society and Superfjord on opposite sides of limited coloured wax. Six humungous head trips daub this 70 minute mind frying experience with Astralasia opening the account with an 11 minute hyper driven cosmic brain spin of Superfjord’s cover of John Coltrane’s ‘love supreme’ here remodelled as the ‘deep magick’ remix – this mind warping slab of psychotropia blissfully engages worlds occasionally inhabited by psych cadet Sonic Boom whilst stopping off at various points to doff space caps to the trance toned battalion of the Ozrics as well as the smoked out and gone mystic mindset of those lost pioneers New Fast Automatic Daffodils – just don’t be none too surprised when bits of you start dissolving and forming strange shape cutting dances before your eyes. Superfjord’s own interpretation of the same cut can be found here captured from a live performance, man this wasted stuff, absolutely out of it bonged out acid fried psych wooziness imbibing heavily on a seriously wig flipped jazz tonality that trips its way straight off the turntable and into the core nexus of your subconscious to decorate it in smoking beatnik kaleidoscopia whilst simultaneously shaping up as though some magical and mystical carpet ride piloted by a stoned out Acid Mothers substance sharing with the Bardo Pond. Enter stage right Earthling Society whose frankly awesome re-drill of Alice Coltrane’s ‘journey in Satchidananda’ is here recalibrated by the trance toned hand of VHSHead who it must be said turn in a superbly panoramic Eastern trimmed mantra coiled in a serene glacial stillness rippled in subtly washes of cosmic sunspot activity. Next stopping point on your journey into the void, two cuts pitting both Superfjord and Astralasia in polar alignment, both inspired by John Coltrane’s ‘love supreme’ – the first ‘shamanic waterfall’ – a 17 minute brain melt retuned as a tripped out bliss kissed dream machine odyssey very much mining the shadow traced landscape of Spacemen 3 or more pertinently Spectrum albeit piloted by a super chilled hive consciousness piloted by fellow FdM alchemist Craig Padilla, while the other – the fracturing ‘fjord transit’ loses itself in deep meditative states slowly emerging to reality traversing the astral planes upon a senses destabilising motoric pulsar purring in its wake gaseous psychotropic vapour trails. Left to round up the set, Earthling Society set the navigation dials for the heart of the sun aboard the previously unreleased ‘Dharma Transmission’ – a strangely intoxicating sore thumb that finds the Earthling ones in playfully experimental moods even by their own high standards, here Australasian earthbeat, Vengelis overtures, Bebe and Louis Baron / Schaeffer / Stockhausen primitive electro-scapes, Neu! inflections and stoned out beatnik Bevis mirages all coalesce and converge into a deeply alluring slab of cerebral ju-ju. Quite frankly if you thought the brace of cuts on the Coltrane 7 where far out then this remix set might well prove to be the freakiest wig flipping outing ever to stagger out of the FdM sound house hands down.

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