nancy wallace

those of the eagle eyed variety and possessed of long memories may well recall this time last your erstwhile scribe trundling around in a winter wonderland courtesy of four releases put out by the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, among the goodies yuletide heart warmers from the Smoke Fairies, the Garlands, the Miserable Rich and the Silhouettes had us all a tad cooed and cosy toed. And so what with this being that time of the year again the Dutch based taste makers have released for your discerning affection two limited wax platters each with a strict 500 only pressing and both stamped and adored upon 7 inches of snow white wax. First up Nancy Wallace – one time a regular visitor to these pages through her releases as part of the Owl Service / Hobby Horse extended family and more recently found wooing us with a rather exquisite and ridiculously limited release earlier this year for stone tape recordings. ‘January’ should by rights be something that will be the cause of agreeable nods from those much swooned by the dreamy folk floatiness of Vashti Bunyan albeit here fashioned and demurred in the undulating tread and opining yearn of gorgeously spring hued twilight pastorals longingly despatching festive love notes. Flip the disc for a cover of the Pretenders’ seasonal lovely ‘2000 miles’ here treated to a deliciously frost tipped farmyard ramble all pepper corned and sweetly harvested in wintry florals and shimmered in beguiled Gaelic motifs. Quite arresting all said.

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