camp claude

This is quite something else, hailing from Paris and caressed in uber cool chic ‘blow’ is Camp Claude’s debuting UK visitation and arrives upon these shores coolly purred in the kind of seductive ice carved pop prowess we’ve scarcely heard bettered since the early days of Salon Boris and the Rubicks, was it is the austere pout and the overall glacial casualness that had us fixed to the spot jaw agape, the haloing swathes of celestial chorus’ that greet its take off that soon coalesce as it sheds its skin re-forged anew in an impacting and demurred seductive buzz bombing minimalist hybrid atop of which Diane Sagnier wanes, weaves and coos with a carefree distance that sits somewhere between Nico and Bardot. An EP ‘Hurricanes’ is deserving of immediate attention and love.

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