nocturnal toxin and carnage

Nocturnal Toxin and Carnage ‘burning death’. 

We’ve had a fair old amount of trouble in tracking this down I can tell you. Spotted on one of those bandcamp forays that we occasionally find ourselves doing at ungodly hours in the early morning (around 4.30am in case you are wondering) most days. Now this one we prepped for later listening and duly bookmarked, only the blighters web address bounced back with zilch when we went armed to the teeth and prepared to do battle some days later. That said mere annoyances like moving web page only serve to crystallize our determination and of course we like the sense of the chase. And so after a spot of researching (2 minutes and 11 seconds I’ll have you know) we unearthed the bugger. Now with a name like Nocturnal Toxin and Carnage, the common sense side of your head should be rightly screaming very loud that this isn’t perhaps going to be an easy listening ride, and well quite frankly it’d be right. Hailing from Mexico, Nocturnal Toxin and Carnage is just one person Tzachitxz and beyond that the information trail runs abruptly cold, however that said this is monumental stuff, frenzied, feral and frightening yet nonetheless monumental. ‘burning death’ appears to be a three track compilation teaser of some sort, a brutal battle scarred bastard ripped from the very bowels of hell itself and seeking to reign apocalyptic siege upon your head space amid violently demonic death headed aural assaults, seriously this needs to be heard in the cold light of day and even then it won’t diminish the sense of oncoming dread and hopelessness that sours from its sonic scab wounds. ‘purification’ alone warrants particular singling out not least because it’s such a scalding slice of fright wigged black hearted primordial bludgeoning that it makes most death / black metal acts positively pedestrian by comparison reducing them to mere low ranking apprentices. That said I should admit to have a passing admiration for opening salvo ‘Vampire’ which between shades of dark and light assumes a doom draped end of days revelations foretelling styled demeanour.

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