mcdonalds / sexyworld

Okay there we were minding our own business when we stumbled upon this teasingly brief nugget from the sexy world stable entitled ‘Friday’ which aside much reminding us of the of late missing in action Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones, barely gave us time to hit the pause button at it finish which is just as well for we’d have been blissfully ignorant of the existence of McDonalds, at least that’s what we think their called. Alright admittedly this has been apparently doing the rounds for about a year, but hey goes to show you just can’t put a supressing lid on a well turned prickly punk pop nugget. ‘mr glasses’ is a rumblesome raw pogo potent sonic squabble, a slab of impishly rowdy bubble groove that might allow for restful nights for those who’ve lain awake at night cobbling up imagined fantasy bands from assembled bits of the Rezillos and the Popticians.


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