legendary pink dots

Bugger the vinyl has already gone, scarcely blinked would you believe – now there is a killer Edward Ka-Spel cut doing the rounds on bandcamp which we’ve been promising to host for as long as I can remember but which for now the link to which we’ve maddeningly mislaid. For now though here’s some absolutely ding dong dogs danders groove from the Legendary Pink Dots pulled from their recently released full length ‘pages of Aquarius’ – ‘mirror mirror’ is very much forged in the image of Syd Barrett and certainly something that admirers of Paul Roland should sit up and take an interested note of. A fracturing dream coat that weaves with spectral delight all the time darkly gloomed in kaleidoscopic macabre and a Gothic shadowy-ness the type of which finds it ventures with unguarded devil may care deep into the lysergic lair of PTV. For the note takers among you, the backward bits incidentally say buy the bugger now. http://legendarypinkdots1.bandcamp.com/album/pages-of-aquarius-a-teaser

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