phi bui

Plenty of eilean groove to come in the next few days, the noted French imprint impressing us immensely in recent weeks with some well-heeled outings by Wil Bolton and Chris Dooks catching our ear lobes and hogging the sound player – more detailed mentions to come in due course. For now though, adding to their enviable and eclectic roster a new set from Phi Bui. Entitled ‘unnoticed moments’ this strangely becoming full length blends elegant neo classical poise with fragmenting chamber noir dream states. Tripped in a sepia soaked vintage, these droning silver shimmered symphonies ghost in like déjà vu affected apparitions, at times tutored loosely in the subtle essences of Glass, Bui for the best part tears up the expected rule book to freewheel outside classical music’s strict confines embracing the old and new to craft a coalescing collage that speaks in many musical tongues whilst simultaneously finding itself colouring from a wide sonic palette to incorporate everything from monastic fugues, cinematic ghost lights, operatic chorals and arcane oriental folk mirages.  

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