pull the plug

Latest pull the plug transmission heading out of resonance FM features a sumptuous shoehorning of select sonic lovelies into its finitely pressed 30 minute soiree, among the gems on the decks some distractively dimpled day dreamy electronica from Quiet Noise courtesy of ‘generating’ – this cutie heading out of audiobulb is a melodic playground literally harvested with the affectionate bristling of pops, burps, twinkles and glitches, very genteel and tailored for laid back listening during a lazy moment. Those fancying a spot of lunar hypno-drone might prefer their listening space sedated by the trance toned kosmiche sounds of ‘larks’ by Helena Celle, a beautifully imagined orbiting crystal tipped carousel trimmed in 70’s analogue accents all glazed in minimalist Radiophonic murmurs. Frequent visitor to these pages, Klaus Morlock stoops in with ‘the chamber of lost dreams’ – a track which I’m suspecting we may have mentioned before, a wonderfully willowy slice of free spirited pastoral dreaminess that glides with genteel tailspin into the shadowy hauntologist hideaways of belbury poly – just wish the blighter would send over sound files. And did we mention Belbury Poly who as you all know feature courtesy of ghost box which by coincidence is the label upon which you find toitoitoi whose featured ‘golden green’ we mention way back at the tail end of last year when it found itself pressed on the flip side of their must have ‘other voices’ 7 inch – playfully lovely 70’s shimmered pastoral kosmiche – just hits the spot. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-24th-march-2016/

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