petunia-liebling macpumpkin

Time to don the fright wigs in readiness for your listening space dissolving into the abstract and surreal, more strangeness a-bound from the peculiar Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin. Again another cut from her outlandishly bizarre and weirdly fried ‘fish drive edsels’ set, this being the clearly frazzled and creepy ‘veggie medley’ – an out there 9-minute head scrambling bizarro that defies categorization or easy description, acutely kaleidoscopic / acid art house is, I reckon, the best way to nail the blighter, a wired and seriously freakish imagining of a kind of Residents outer world, as were, envisaged by a very youthful David Cronenberg in an attempt to exorcise child hood night tremors brought on by skewed memories of an acid fried viewing of ‘Wizard of Oz’ and dinner table gatherings where sprouts and garden peas where clearly a feasting feature, clearly the work of folk whose minds have been long since lost to the labours of chemical consumption given there’s a seriously bad tripping element running amok throughout. In truth, even by the bench mark standards for the wonky, awkward and abstract set by the criminally cool Bearsuit records, this goes the extra yard or five, as an added bonus features the malicious use of kazoo’s, squeaky toys, fisher price keyboards and glove puppets. Scrambled in a word not to mention desirably deranged.

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