test transmission – archive reel #26

Another mix tape I’m afraid this time from Mr Keith Seatman whose latest test transmission – archive reel #26 – had us almost searching high and low around the place thinking he’d been present rummaging through our record stash or had at the least the strange ability to call up our past in a kind of musical photograph album as were. In short, on a personal llevel, a bit like drowning in slow motion – with the event taking around 80 minutes – with your record memories floating by past you for here bookended by Syd Dale’s ‘marching there and back’ – old listreners may remember it better as the theme for TV’s ‘Screen Test’ and the discordant angularly irregular and unsettling descent in darkness that is Richard Dawson’s ‘the vile stuff’ – the full unedited version no less – cue Beefheart and Zappa  fans alert, a mixed up bag of sound alchemists who’ve at one point or another in our time here listening to tunes aplenty, have planted flags in our affection. Amid various calls for the Fall, la dusseldorf, syd barrett, Michael Nyman, orbital, visage, belbury poly, Edwin Astley and hare and the moon’s ghostly alliance with Alaska sit a handful of tracks that have so far escaped our ear gaze but surely deserve closer investigation not least oneohtrix point never’s revisting of ‘I only have eyes for you’ here taken to the level of consciousness and while favourite moments comes in the shape of ‘the window cleaner’ by purson  who we happened across somewhere here pop pickers https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/06/08/purson/ and the Dandelion Set’s surreal ‘judy switched off the tv’ with Allan Moore – ahem – featured here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/04/03/the-dandelion-set-with-alan-moore/



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