sentient vol 2

Another mix cloud radio show type thing I’m afraid, this one an hour long journey into the experimental out there sonic jungles of the underground all lovingly cobbled together by the folk known as the Sentient returning after a break for their second series of sound explorations. The show opens to the throbbing cinematic sound of X-Ray whose ‘golden future’ is cut to a muscular grind that imagines Goblin in a studio work out with 70 Gwen Party with Orbital preciding over the decks wizardry. Next up the first of three select cuts from Bearsuit records enviable roster with Rhizottome’s quite beautifully pastoral lock grooved ‘synovie’ affectionately nodding in terms of playful sonic courtship to Nyman’s lushly crafted suite that backdropped Peter Greenaway’s ‘the draughtsman’s contract’. Staying with Bearsuit, prepped for a lengthier feature here shortly a track apiece from a forthcoming split set from moth poets and senji niban, the latter of whom whose track ‘klankpi’ featured here we mentioned a few days ago somewhere here / while the former delight with the slow to unfurl and beautifully blossoming ‘dazzle ships’ is courted with a frosty kosmiche counternance that lilts and demurs as though carved from lunar ice by a cosmically inclined Plone and ISAN.. Swiftly moving along, two tracks off a set entitled ‘treasure pleasure’ from Australian multi instrumentalist Anna Morley in the shape of ‘mr fox’ and ‘from gangarin’s point of view’ – the former a wonderfully mooching and lolloping sun dazed lazy eyed groover, the latter a gorgeously mesmeric down tempo mysterio all cooled in vibraphone tones and slickly sheened in lunar lounge opals. Not quite sure what’s happening on Eoin Smith’s strangely distractive ‘plate clusters’ turntable manipulation we are led to believe, though one might imagine it to be the short soundtrack for a plasticine stop motion film created by Tony Hart of Vision On fame previewing the plights of some would be creation in a wardrobe moving dilemma. Kerchiefs at the ready for the bruisingly beautiful appearance of Lisa O’Neill’s aching folk hymnal ‘england has my man’ whose sorrowful touch even has the parting appearance of string accompaniement sighing in consoling sadness and then its off into the ethereal ghost like embrace of Corvus Mae’s ‘cause’ whose subdued and spectral twilight tones hint of the hushed majesty of the Smoke Faeries. Keeping up the ethereal quotient on its highest setting, sky high diamonds ‘helioglobe’ arrives angelically spirited in wonderfully primitive folk detailing that hints of a Preterite fashioned in the likeness of Dead Can Dance while Oijus’ with their choral caresses serve up a becalming and stirring monastic epic that’s flavoured in a regal end of day’s tension that should see it on the listening watch list of admirers of hare and the moon. That said we here do love the slow to burn softly unfurling euphoria of panama fleets ‘cloudburst’ as it delicately navigates a shoegazey post rock sonic trajectory much recalling of that of Sennen and working for a nuclear free city. demurred in oriental accents there’s a serenely lilting tone to ensemble et al’s bowed instrumentations on ‘where the past goes once you forget’ which once solidified and fortified by its fleshing out of percussion and guide line bass lines passes itself of as a nifty slice of Grails-esque groove whereas Dub AT’s ‘wonderland’ is a sumptuous slice of chill draped Balearic gracefall that leaves SaiRastaO’s ‘get low’ to shape shift its way to the shows close though not before applying a little playful melodic magic to your listening space with its murmur toned glitched trip hopula tropicalia mosaic affectionately fusing elements of Discordia and the Winston Giles Orchestra to its trippily tangy tapestry.

Those of you fancying more from sentient will do well to hook up to an interview he did for primal music where aside talking about the show he gets to choose his five favourite releases from – er – last year.

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  1. raugmusic says:

    never had a podcast reviewed before, thanks!

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