acid mothers temple

Pardon me if you’ve already seen. Heard, bought and played to near death this one, but we did eye this with a sense of overwhelming envy on a posting earlier today. A limited CD and vinyl outings from Norway based imprint Synesthetic that gathers together long out of print, rare as hen’s teeth recordings from the Acid Mothers collective titled – would you believe – ‘the early acid mothers temple recordings 1995 – 1997’. Smoking head spaces for two decades now, Kawabata Makoto and his merry pranksters have provided the ground zero setting for new age psychedelia often taking it to places where along the journey many a listener has never returned, all at once yesterday / now and tomorrow, they’ve oft pushed the envelope incorporating elements of jazz, prog, cosmic, drone and pure white noise experimentalism into their freeform freak-storms. This set gathers together thirteen humungous slabs of brain frying sonic out there-ness from the early flowerings of their extensively tripping back catalogue, its raw, primitive and zonked out, we here being much smitten with the freakishly skronked out no wave crookedness of the aptly titled ‘satori lsd’ which in truth has you feeling stoned just listening.   


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