pull the plug

Sticking with mix cloud radio shows, the latest required listening dose of pull the plug grooviness from resonance FM alas features none of the technical glitches that bedevilled the last broadcast, as ever heavily weighted in all things Deep Distance / Polytechnic Youth with lashings of ear candy coming courtesy of choice cuts from Colin Potter’s latest vinyl retreatment of a long since gone and deleted cassette release from ’79 entitled ‘the ghost office’ while a forthcoming PY platter – one of many on the horizon we are led to believe – by Vorderhaus who we happened to mention in passing only last week strikes a cool recall of a ‘my sex’ era John Foxx / Ultravox. Between that and this, there’s new Polymer Cities happenings – again mentioned here last week, perfection from Jane Weaver, moon duo activity and something absolutely killer though with impishly questionable politics from Toska Wilde entitled ‘my camp’ – very DAF. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-23rd-february-2017/

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