the Doxey Boggart

Many thanks to both Phil / John 3:16 and indeed the guys from Sonic Entrails for the heads up on this one. Mentioned in passing a missive or so ago, this is the darkly brooding and dare i say, mammoth and macabre ‘the Doxey Boggart’. Strictly limited to just one hundred copies through the Sonic Entrails imprint, it’s a 2xCD and DVD gathering, a hauntologist wet dream if you like that features both a filmed on location horror trail with an appropriate soundtrack accompanying. Tensely dark stuff lurks and awaits in the shadows within on what we assume is a project steered by John E Smoke not least because of the fact that he features three times on this 15 cut visitation, yet with time a premium and very much pressing, for now we’ve honed in three of the tracks as a brief teaser of what to expect, starting as we mean to go on with with the disquieting chill of ‘Marsh’ by Ian Haygreen. Remote and isolated, the sense of being alone crystalises to grim effect, a slow pacing piano braid prowls with sinister menace under the gathering gloom of a descending nightfall, with it shadows stretch and lengthen, emerging from their hidey holes creatures of the night watch patiently, the very elements themselves morphing into darkening personas to disfigure the skyline and disorientate as though in some treacherous conspiracy serving to stir an inner paranoia and a hitherto untapped terror. Stranger still, John E Smoke’s second visitation, ‘Boggart confirmation’ turns up the terror dial a notch or three, primitive growls and a mounting sense of dread coalesce to forge a nightmarish hypnotic head trip at once unholy, bleak and gouged in a primordial fashioning as old as time, upon a preciding sermon / an exorcism / perhaps a calling.. John 3:16 is found putting the beast to rest with the parting ‘Appolyon’, typically thunderous, a collision of the elements waged in a storm ravaged war, hulking riffs tower and ascend from out of the claustrophobic fog to form a maddening psychotropic mirage metered and mired in a brooding scar forming apocalyptic foretelling, immense.

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