orbital / der plan

Those among you subscribing to the bundle version of the current issue of Electronic Sound – #30 to be precise – the Kraftwerk one, will find accompanying your print edition, a coloured vinyl 7 inch featuring Orbital’s cover of the ‘Werk’s ‘numbers’ on one side and impish dudes Der Plan on t’other. Now we here have always had a soft spot for ‘numbers’ – perhaps one of the most sparsely minimalist and intricately forward thinking tracks from Kraftwerk’s landmark ‘computer world’ opus, however left in the hands of Orbital its given a rather robust beats driven upgrade that’s sure to raise the club floor temperatures to maxima as it ricochets, swerves and saunters amid a snakily funk struck techno body slams all the time squirreled upon an impatiently kooky and flirty coda that’s sure to burrow deep beneath the skin and party hard in your headspace long after the stylus leaves the vinyl. Over on the flip the mighty Der Plan serve up the cooly coalescing ‘Wie Die Wind Weht’ – a track culled from their forthcoming full length ‘Unkapitulierba’ – quite possibly one of the most straightforward pop normal moments of the collection that comes purred upon wafts of chorals and kosmische pulsars, annoyingly good i’m afraid to say.  

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