the coathangers

Firmly rooted on our radar and mentioned once or twice in passing – see here and here – the Coathangers have just completed an extensive tour of Europe and the UK – if the dates we have are present and correct though i’m suspecting something might have gone seriously awry because that previously mentioned ‘parasite’ EP is about to drop this week via suicide squeeze. Of course you are probably oh so fed up with us banging on about ‘Captain’s dead’ – third track here and a belter – that we thought we might take the opportunity to hone in on a brace of other dandies to be found lurking amid the grooves, not least the opening title track – a short sharp and to the point festering slice of up and in your face squalling agit pop, had us much minded of a savage Vice Squad at the peak of their powers. however that said we suggest you head over to ‘down down’ were matters get a tad more mellowed and slow burning for something that’s apt to fracture and splinter at any given moment, features some nifty soft psych toned dream drifted riffage and a cooling classicism that veers with much aplomb between haight ashbury and mr aeroplane man.

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