gilroy mere

Something very special heading out shortly via clay pipe music, under another of his many alter ego’s, Oliver Cherer, here trading as Gilroy Mere, takes you gently by the hand and with a twinkle of nostalgic fondness pays tribute to the forgotten London General Omnibus Company. Who – you might ask, well these folk were responsible for the buses that used to link London with the surrounding outlands, recognised for their green livery the company fell to deregulation in the 80’s therein being consigned to history and memory. ‘green lines’ is a journey – by bus obviously – to simpler times that chimes to the same sentiment as that train adoring dude Darren Hayman, from that set, incidentally pressed on green wax – what else, ‘dunroamin’ is sent out of the garage. A wonderfully woozy pastoral posie rubbed in an affectionate sepia toning all breathlessly warmed in a cosily familiar vintage that recalls Tunng, amid its carefree reminiscences of forever summers and the endless trail of tree lined landscapes a spectral ghosting of melancholy endows all with a bitter sweet mourn.


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