trupa trupa

Prepare to be arrested and smittened, for looming on a distant horizon, a new full length from Trupa Trupa waits in patient quiet majesty. With its dials set for stun, ‘Jolly New Songs’ is due for release this Autumn via blue tapes and x-ray records, from what we’ve heard so far, this set may well prove to be one of the albums of year and will into the bargain, blew many away in terms of its impacting reach.  So, while we get to prepping a full review, there be the small though essential matter of a pre-teaser download only single heading out at the end of next week in the guise of ‘to me’. a heavenly visitation which from the start is shrouded, peppered and turned in a sepia tipped celestial love note framing, its opining adoring bathed in a softly shimmered spectral kiss that soon begins to fracture and emotionally unravel in a thunderous bliss burning haze of anxious urgency. As stunning as it is emotionally draining. Alas no sound links just now, rest assured missives are being fired.  

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