arcade messiah

Hopefully we should have words aplenty about this epic release heading out of Fruits de Mer’s off shoot Strange Fish imprint shortly. Blighters so heavy it’s left a crater where our turntable used to be. This be Arcade Meesiah who you might remember from way back when he appeared on that ludricrously fine ‘side effects’ gathering. Anyhow this release was prompted by the folk over at FdM being a tad dizzy what with being equally irked and dismayed to hear that the third Arcade Messiah album hadn’t  as yet been afforded a physical release. To right that wrong, mainly because they were beginning to get irked and dismayed at the continuing dizzy episodes, a plan has been hatched to release, not just one, but all three Arcade Messiah albums in a limited pressing of 200 – well 199 seeing as I’ve got a copy – on CD no less, I know CD the scurge of the vinyl lover, but lets be honest, CD’s are so yesterday and so forgotten these days that we sense a resurgence among those Spotty-fying folk with the long hair and questionable dress sense. Anyhow the collection, incidentally entitled ‘trilogy’ is due for release September end, here’s a few choice nuggets from it. Be warned may inadvertently give rise to the creation of black holes in your listening space, so play sensibly.

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