agitation phi

Guaranteed to leave you gaga by its parting, that is if you make it to the end before spontaneous combusting or having your head melting on you. Here’s a spot of free form synapse sizzling surgery undertaken by the much admired Agitation Phi via a live set recently performed at,from what we can gather, the Centres Ov in Austria last week. A fifty six minute set which in truth sounds like a dystopian echo dropped from a late 90’s Peel / Mary Anne Hobbs breezeblock session, what first ominously glues itself to the minimalist mainframe of Pye Corner Audio soon furiously picks up the pace and giddy ups into a manic techno pulsar that at once hints of some diabolical deal to fry headspaces forged by a gathering of Atari Teenage Riot and Add N to X types. Matters soon ease up and a cooling Detroit trance toning template soon begins to as much seduce as it does mesmerise, chiefly of interest I suspect, to those much familiar with the Smallfish and Rednetic sound houses before rounding out matters fusing a hybrid hothouse of woozy kaleidoscopia, Dadaist drum n’ bass and weird ear industrial tech in to a mammoth mutant mind evaporating freak pill.

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