up against the phantom

many thanks to Fredrik of the Hello Human imprint for turning our ears to this becoming nugget. Hailing from Oslo, Up Against The Phantom might just be equipped with the kind of dreamily muscular softly dissolving shoe gazed seduction to fill that sense of panging brought to bear by the irreplaceable gap left by Bang Bang Machine. Latest offering ‘jet black’ is ablaze in shimmering washes of stratospheric euphoria. Described by their label folk as being inspired by the likes of sonic youth, pj Harvey and my bloody valentine, the latter of whom they certainly freefall and swoon in tail smoke of. That said it’s the rash forming slow burn intensity fused to an impacting pristine effervescence and the cooing pouts that had us much recalling of an adoring Melys in full untethered flight. https://open.spotify.com/track/4ODNJJtlxxvnGH6tznq6hZ


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