ocean of sound …. 2

As promised previously, herewith your nightly visitation from that frankly superb ear bending double volume set from the Unexplained Sound Group folk entitled ‘ocean of sound’. As mentioned in earlier despatches this hulking set is a year end summary of tracks that have graced their formidable catalogue over the previous twelve months, a total surpassing the 200 mark. A collection that ought to be on the radar of those of you attuned to the likes of Resonance FM and those essential podcast postings from Vital Weekly not mention folk still much missing those essential transmissions, as were, from the Mixing It folk back in the day on BBC Radio 3. On this visit we’ve rummaged around for three selections from ‘volume 1’ opening with, well, the opening salvo from interface type seven titled ‘resistor’ which by these ears really does provide for a lilting slice of purring cosmic fantasia of the styling that wouldn’t look to out of place sitting on a Pye Corner Audio outing. That said we must admit to having something of a fondness for David Lee Myers’ ‘implicate order’ in so much as the way it’s glassy timbres shimmer, sigh and somewhat seduce with a hypnotic eeriness to what sounds like a softly quivering crystalline ethereal choral ghost light. Last up for this nightly look in is from Vlimmer. Now would this be the same Vlimmer who literally blew us away on a recent appearance to these pages with ‘Betonozean’ – a track ripped from their latest for the blackjack illuminist imprint, I think it might well be. Herewith ‘Zerstörung’ – a foreboding dark star draped between moments of dream dazed delirium and impacting fissures of rumbling sonic whiteouts the likes of which might have you minded to go off in search of your prized outings from both Bruce Russell and Bill Horist. https://unexplainedsoundsgroup.bandcamp.com/album/ocean-of-sound-the-3rd-annual-report-volume-i

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