Love the way the menace in this is so seductively served, it’s that quietly casual way that’s so reassuringly chilling rather than something uttered in a momentary hissy fit, that gives it a kind of exacting and purposeful pre-meditated threat. Anyhow, this is m1nk – pronounced em 1 en kay – who I’m certain at some point may have traded under the name Mau once upon a time, all gets very confusing, anyhow this is the dark warning that is ‘fuck you up’. Ghosted in a shadowy chill wave shelling, ‘fuck you up’ sumptuously mooches and prowls with club floor intent, its pulsing noir tones scratched with an hybrid industrial frosting that slinks and snakes feline like to a darkly weaving and deceptively funky electro phrasing whose ice touched framing has something of a youthful Miss Kitten and Cobra Killer about it albeit as though fronted by a Debbie Harry evil twin with issues.

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