Peeled from the same Fruits de Mer cover set, LoveyDove set about tackling the simply out there frosting that is ‘bedazzled’, as haunting as it is narcistic, who can fail to forget Peter Cooke’s hypnotic and chilling Satan come anti-pop no star pitted against the Newley like pop crush of Dudley Moore, it was for all intents and purposes, an unregistered father of the bastard child to come that was punk. Scored with same hitherto icy aloofness and perfectly pressed in a woozy late 60’s vintage, LoveyDove fashion their much applauded update with a dash of 60’s chic whilst utilizing that same twisting of pure pop corrupted out of shape by the flat lining atonal self-loathing of the original which at the final call emerges to morph into something that’s at once, exceptionally freaky and kookily kool with it.

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