Le SuperHomard

Is it just me or does it seem a little odd that with the deathly chill of winter’s touch encroaching fast at the windows and door, that a track celebrating ‘springtime’ should come a knocking. Now me personally, I’m all in favour and have as a mark of respect, dug out the sun lounger, kitted myself out in shorts and t-shirt and filled the glass with some or other iced thing, not to sure about the shocking blue skin complexion that I’m acquiring and the noise from the teeth chattering is blighting the enjoyment of the sun adored sounds piping through our headphones, but still, never let it be said we aren’t  troopers to the cause. Anyhow, current object of affection, a new one from Le SuperHomard through the ridiculously busy of late Elefant imprint, a four track 7 inch no less arriving ahead of a 2019 planned full length titled ‘meadow lane park’. Now I promise we will back at some point to mention the three tracks that accompany the lead out track, I mean how can we resist not mentioning ‘under a charm’. However, for now that aforementioned ‘Springtime’ cut. If ever you needed a steer as to where this is heading, I’d suggest you dig out your copy of Stereolab’s ‘Dots and Loops’ and re-familiarise yourself with its sultry and sophisticat toning, because this ‘un has it in oodles, for here mixed with that rare pop allure that smothered and smouldered the St Etienne workbook and with the subtle serving of some Musetta for good measure, the orbital dreamer that is ‘springtime’ softly flirts to an almost head in the clouds casualness, its love noted lazy eyed lilt seasoned with a forever sunny effervescence is adored with a smoky chic whose gently swirling strings alight to a caressing and becoming Bacharach-ian braiding. Essential ear gear. Alas no sound clips but rest assured we are working on it. www.elefant.com  


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