new model army

Hush now, gather around, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, we here have always had a soft spot for New Model Army, it all goes back to hearing them on Peel, think it might have been ‘Betcha’ rather than ‘bitter sweet’ that yanked at our attention strings. A rare fan letter, quite possibly the only one I’ve ever done was rewarded with a handwritten postcard from Justin, a cherished thing that still proudly shines from behind the cellophane that wraps around the weathered and well worn ‘Thunder and Consolation’ album. A new full length imminent in the shape of ‘from here’ from which is sprung the slow burn brooding ‘never arriving’. Typically tempestuous, New Model Army deliver a masterclass in slow rage, a bruising clarion call savaged and soured in a questioning despair, its harrowed torment harnessed with the burn of the very elements of nature as they sit huddled in the shadows lighting the fuse.

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