XTR Human

I’ve a feeling we may be calling in again at the blackjack illuminist imprint as it seems they’ve a few well heeled releases kicking around at the moment, not least, this little nugget from XTR Human. This little dandy caught us on the hop mainly because it has a lighter toning than previous blackjack sorties, so light in fact it quite appreciably poppy on first encounters, not that we here are grumbling. Yet in all seriously, ‘on a greater scale’ is touched with a late 80’s indie gusto, the smoky vocals and the softly spun reclining riff chimes adore it with a shades adorned hazy that had us recalling in an instant Robert Lloyd and the New Four Seasons. In addition here are remixes from Detuned Radio and Vlimmer, the former taking the mix even further down the indie rabbit hole this time stripped bare with a bruised and homely lo-fi crush that in truth wouldn’t have looked out of place showcasing the seasons Sarah batch of releases. Totally deconstructed, detuned and detoxed, well what did you expect from the Vlimmer folk, fear not it strangely works, despite its disconnection and almost Cathedral like cooling, there’s a jubilant albeit shadowy post punk vibe afoot here to suggest one or two of this collective might well be secret Wild Swans admirers.


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