Indeed, more Polypores, this one coming ahead of that superb Miracle Pond escapee. A 7 inch lathe cut via Castles in Space titled ‘additional Flora’. The story goes like this, released earlier this year, ‘Flora’ was on the final editing table, during discussions over tracklisting it was felt these two cuts ‘Clonal Colony’ and ‘peculiar growths’ didn’t quite fit with the albums overall narrative. This brace of orphans now find themselves with a chance in the sun on a limited 100 only (95 on black, 5 on white in random selection) release replete with eye catching inserts, an enamel badge and artwork by the in demand crafted hand of Nick Taylor. As said then, two cuts occupy the grooves of this platter, ‘Clonal Colony’ emerging delicately into view, a playfully tinkered toning attaching this time, that said considered, measured and thoughtfully crafted, in truth very de-stressing, a blossoming arrival, perhaps more so a new dawn, peppered with a mooching cast of what sound like sleepy eyed Clangers-esque oompahs all shuffling slowly as though assembling to jubilantly greet a bathing sun rise upon their moonscape winterland. Both graceful and serene, ‘peculiar growths’ astral glides with silent stealth amid the cosmic hinterlands sweetly opining like some bruised leviathan calling for its soul mate, utterly blissful.


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