Blindfold ‘faking dreams’ (Cinepop). From the moment the softly soured spectral riff opines swelled and dissipated heralding the introductory passages of ‘falleg depuro’ the opening cut from Blindfold’s second full length ‘faking dreams’ we were succumbed, subdued, spellbound and utterly smitten. The accompanying press releases gushes longingly, reference markers such as Sigur Ros and Radiohead are casually thrown into the mix while the text leaves you almost in fear that what you have in your hands is a minor classic of some consuming ambition. They would say that wouldn’t they you say suspiciously – I hear you loud and clear on occasion you’d be right. Not this time. For ’faking dreams’ is exquisite and when it isn’t exquisite its just plain old sublime. Dull eh? Alas previously unknown to us Blindfold are an Icelandic quintet now relocated to Blighty, London to be precise, apart from the occasional compilation appearance, to date there’s been just one previous release – the self titled debut full length – amiss in our gaff to much ranting and muttering of ill thoughts. ’faking dreams’ is an emotional thumb screw, there’s a beautified forlorn grace about these ten tracks, sometimes solemnly stirred, at others touchingly fragile yet always tender and carved with a measured and quietly beguiled elegance that would suggest they’ve been appointed with the sole remit to seductively swirl and tease their way through and catch you on your blind side and ultimately past your defences. ‘faking dreams’ is marked apart by its subtleties in so far as the way it draws you close, for comparison perhaps only Shady Bard and liketrains have in recent years taken similar flight, in fact both are particularly called to mind on the detached ache that dimples and fractures the head bowed bruised beauty of ’don’t think it’s a sin’. Of course being from Iceland and blessed with a record bathed in all manner of rippling chime cascade, snow tipped cavernous detailing and spatial nuances there is always at some point going to be an intimated and perhaps lazily perceived association with Sigur Ros which as it happens on this occasion is indeed well founded and none more so felt than on the title cut ’faking dreams’. seductive is an understatement – this beauty is braided by choruses of undulating riff tides carving serene pathways that are punctuated by the tenderised juncture of soaring vapour trails of blossoming intensity that ebb and flow with a yearning sweet unbridled romance casting out bliss driven majestic communiqués into the ether swelled voids. ’wait’ on the other hand is pierced with an alluring mellow detail of such delicately wound intricacy that you’d have to re-acquaint yourself with the more lulling aspects of both the Grails and Godspeed’s back catalogue for comparison while the fracturing numbed aura of Radiohead is clearly present on the hollowing tormented trace lines of the ethereal ’fix you’ notably on the way it blisters, erupts and unravels at its finale. All said the sets best moment is the parting sub ten minute instrumental epic and cataclysmic ’reverse’. A bit of a slow burner and it should be said force of nature that builds steadily in stature and mass as it veers through an absorbing evolutionary cycle of serene wide screen glacial lulls, sheens of controlled dislocating discordance, halos of almost hymnal transcendentalism to rupture into sun burnt showers of razor like shimmering turbulence before dissipating again as though momentarily taking the foot of the gas only to re-engage and take flight towards a skull crushing and blazing soul sucking bliss kissed finale. Stunning in a word.

Key tracks –

Fit you
Faking dreams
Caffeine and sleeping pills

first aired – June 2009


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