orchestra of spheres

Alas no information with this aside the fact that this lot hail from New Zealand, number four in the ranks and are called orchestra of spheres. Now with a name like that you’d be expecting some kind of cosmic groove perhaps or something stoned off its head prime packed in progressive goo and very much sporting floor touching beards. In some respects you’d be right on so many levels though not necessarily on the scale of your imaginings. To say ‘vibration animal sex brain music’ – indeed that is the albums title – is out there would be to underplay its freakiness. To begin to attempt categorization would be a foolhardy sport, and anyway it’d be virtually impossible – though if references are what you require think stoned out funky cosmic kraut disco. Perhaps only Rainbow Arabia, maybe Pepe Deluxe and Ozric Tentacles similarly noodle in such multi faceted environs. In short any description wouldn’t do it justice for ‘….brain music’ is a psychedelic playground coloured by a cornucopia of reference points, musical landscapes and generic tongues. From its opening juju jamboree ‘aby’ wherein the no wave tribal gathering of the Slits and ….and the native hipsters converge with this heat observing at a safe distance, to the parting sultry and spellbinding snake charmed mantra – the lushly hypnotic osmosis – that is ‘bogan in the forest’ itself sounding like a bonged out Four Brothers headed up by Natasha Atlas, the OoS power a hulking star craft whose trajectory spins within spheres acknowledged as being homes to Sun Ra, Funkadelic and Os Mutantes (you think I jest – then hook yourself up to ‘jungle pads‘), yet spray the sonic collage as though it were drawn from a mix tape of treats plundered from the topper most table of kraut, paisley pop, disco, prog and, not forgetting to mention, psyche. Here you’ll be treated to the furiously tranced out deep kraut funk of ’mind over might’ (those Hipster dudes again I’m afraid), somewhere else the frantic and fried ‘moro con’ is wired and cued up on old school Fall platters though here buzz sawed into a loveably carnival-esque Go Team styled kookyness. Then there’s the motorik freak beating ‘journey’ – a cosmedelic power popper skedaddled in a coolly chic shimmered 60’s fuzziness and spy theme motifs that nods ever so slightly to a trip wired loose and funky Stereolab whereas ‘kairo’ is nothing short than Kraftwerk with funky boots on. Add in our favourite moment – ‘Electric kompani’ which could easily be a hey day mid 70’s Studio 54 relocated to an orbiting space station while the crookedly kraut funk ‘numbers’ is gloriously clipped with the subtle dinking of Delia Radiophonic futurist squiggles and fastened on to jitter bugging Raincoats chassis, and frankly you have yourself a wig flipping gem. Any questions. Oh yea its via Fire and Sound Explorers.

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