I’m suspecting someone here has had their head well and truly dunked in the Christmas punch bowl, we’d like to say the ominous return to these pages of aPAtt. We say ominous because for over a decade now these tykes have baffled public consensus, refusing easy pigeon holing and clearly on a mission to at once deviously delight, frustrate, perplex and indeed piss off all those easy listening folk who prefer their sounds regimentally set out in an easy to follow verse chorus verse formation. Last featured here – I believe – following a much loved release on the much missed pickled egg imprint – blimey has it been that long. Peculiar and fried are words you’d imagine in another age to have been created purely to describe these sonic sore thumbs so imagine our surprise and yes, delight in tripping over this nugget on band camp. A festive toon no less, yes I said toon by the name ’spare a thought for Santa’. always expect the unexpected – of course I should have remembered the aPATt byword, well bugger here’s a toon you can whistle, a stuffed to bursting Christmas carnival shimmered in tinsel twinkles, shimmering sleigh bells and all manner of nostalgic nausea, a kind of bonkers and wired festive hallucinogenic experience where all your Christmases come rushing back thick and fast in cruel flashback formations, a wiring collage of Disney decorations, Christmas parades, salvation army winter warmings all wrapped up, bundled off and crowned by what sounds like Mary Poppins on acid. It’ll still a devious delight, will frustrate, will perplex and indeed no doubt piss off some, job done then. http://www.apatt.bandcamp.com/track/spare-a-thought-for-santa

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