emily jones and the rowan amber mill

What first appears clipped in eerie enchantment and willowy wonder soon blossoms and grows to something warming, welcoming and hitherto arrested in jubilant garlands. Spied on an imminent joint musical enterprise with the Rowan Amber Mill entitled ‘the book of the lost’ we here have been much smitten by the delight that is Emily Jones’ ‘marsh thing’. a collection that celebrates Brit folk horror and lost TV strangeness from another age, this beautified weird folk posy is trimmed from the same cloth that marked out the exquisite craft of the likes of Owl Service and Men An Tol for ’marsh thing’ waltzes like a ghostly apparition, part ’wicker man’ part ’witchfinder general’ it spell casts a pastoral procession of forgotten harvest village fayres and ghostly may day macabre and bow ties them to a floral madrigal that spirits away seductively to a timeless tapestry delicately weaved by the likes of Paul Roland, Bevis Frond, Robert Wyatt and porcupine tree. We will, rest assured, attempt to snare a copy for full review. http://www.rowanambermill.bandcamp.com


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