The absolute dogs bollocks this and another release that has – I’m afraid to admit – become somewhat temporarily disconnected from its press release leaving us quite frankly clueless as to where and how it came to be stumbling upon our listening space. This is the debut single from flies-flies, a self released outing that once hitting the shops will arrive pressed upon thick slabs of ten inch each housing inside a Nick Roberts risograph print. For those mourning the apparent gone into prolonged hibernation of working for a nuclear free city, flip side ’Sufi’ ought to be of immediate listening interest, a subterranic dub totalled cutie harnessed upon a dream weaved and highly intoxicating Arabesque snake wind and grizzled raw in a sparse detached minimalism that acutely echoes back through the years to a youthful ‘the seduction’ era Danse Society. That said centrepiece is without question ‘bad crab hand’ – deliciously dark and shadow lined in chamber toned torch hybrids that flicker and weave to a subtle macabre motif that’s cradled and creaking in a haunting 60’s afterglow and pressed upon decidedly unhinged psyche that draws the invisible sonic dots between the Neighbourhood and Barry Adamson. http://www.soundcloud.com/fliesandflies/sets/flies-flies-bad-crab-hand-10

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