girl band

Those with long memories may recall us falling backside over elbow for this lots quite exceptional debut platter ‘why they hide their bodies under my garage’ from last year sometime – times flashes by so fast these days – we did ask for promos – a request that fell on death ears ho hum. Seems that since then the blighters have put out a long since sold out in double quick time follow up ‘lawman’ – yep we missed that one to – buoyed by the experience they’ve now decided to release a very limited 100 only flexi disc for RSD14 counter action entitled ‘the cha cha cha’ – alas we don’t have sound links at the moment but bet your arse its good and dandy in a rupturing and edgy post everything type way. What we do have though – as though you needed reminding how coolly uncouth and feral these blighters have a tendency to be here’s ’lawman’ in short the primordial inbred that Jesus Lizard tried to drown, this bad boy just jars, chugs and festers to seep like a weeping sore, a caustic stew wherein elements of free noise, art pop, no wave and well – just pure dementia and rabid schizophrenia rub up awkwardly against each other to gouge out a stubborn and borderline fried ju-ju – damnh almost forgot to say who they are – Girl Band – gotta love them.

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