Staying with band camp a second or so longer, something else that caught our ear is a new EP from Austin based beat pop combo Mellowphant entitled ’the peanut butter jean company’ aside that alas the information trail runs cruelly cold. That said it features 6 cuts that to these ears sound as though they’ve been stewing a fair while on a simmer setting atop a 60’s hotplate, opening brace are indelibly indebted to the Stones or more precisely Jagger given that the vocals whoop and yelp distractively aligned to a killer duck walking riffage cast in raw lo-fi beat blues while the proto power pop punk stomp of ‘tiny apartment’ crosswires the DNA of the Ramones and Supergrass. That said it’s the emergence of ’honey bee’ that piqued our interest, a gorgeous slice of acutely cool 50’s bubble grooved teen beat smoulder pop deceptively coiled in a killer smoking strut swooned motifs. Sounding like the work of a completely different band the scuzzy garage gouged ’undercover officer’ tastilty finds a mid way stopping off point between the Dead Boys and the flamin groovies while the slinky gospel blues swagger of the delicious ’rain on your parade’ – frankly the best thing here – is your love crushed drink at the last chance saloon. Which leaves 60’s garage psych heads in tune with those vault digging compilations from the mid 60’s such as Crypt et al will swoon to the primal rock-a-hula purring from the grooves of the swagger toned ’makin waves’ .


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