spinefarm RSD14

In addition to krokodil, spine farm will also be releasing a further three limited edition treats to celebrate RSD14 – alas we have no sound links as yet but they include a 1000 only white vinyl 12 inch by Rammstein entitled ‘pussy’ which features recalibrations by Scooter and pet shop boys – both cuts originally appearing on the bands ‘made in Germany’ best of set from 2011. Next up a 500 only gold vinyl 10 inch from Volbeat gathers together ‘doc holliday’ and lonesome rider’ from the Danish ensembles current long playing platter ‘outlaw gentlemen and shady ladies’. last up for this RSD14 soiree a split 12 inch pairing together the Treatment and reckless love on opposing sides of the wax – features 4 tracks, comes pressed up on orange wax all housed in a printed inner bag with exclusive art work – think they are spoiling you now.

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