Which neatly brings me to the final instalment of this vinyl trio, a twin tracking scowling jazz head butt from Aeolipile who much to our horror and embarrassment apparently released their debuting EP ‘Jacques de Vaucanson’ earlier this year as a free download via bandcamp – more details below. This lot – a trio incidentally – feature amid their ranks workaholic wired dude Andy Pyne, Tom Roberts of infinite gaaah and bolide and Jason Williams (mothers of the third reich / deepkiss 720) collectively forge a rabid and rampant psychotic stew of Zorn-ish groove not least on the frankly freakish ‘glut’ where the maddening hysteria of the  shrilled sax delights in forming schizoid patterns across the kind of obtusely angular and frantically warped  time signatures( that would be the wet dream of mathematicians)  whittling away beneath to mutate a spazzed out jazz  hybrid that imagines Albert Ayler gate crashing an evening studio soiree of Henry Cow types. Likewise over on the flip ‘paused pregnancy’ opts to veer into sonic territories that would cause most to flinch, a caustic cacophony of fringe flipping no wave white hot  jazz  fury which devotees of James Chance and the Contortions will do well to check out at their earliest (in)convenience – no prizes for guessing then that this is essential head splitting groove.

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