the bordellos Vs. Schizo Fun Addict split cassette….

Hopefully we’ll have links in time for the next missive on what promises to be a very special releases. With proceeds going to ‘save the children’, Jet Schizo Fun Addict has unveiled details of the bands split cassette release with the Bordellos. Entitled ‘cassette for the children’ – this joint venture tape release is strictly limited to 100 numbered copies – two tracks from the release will be available as a free download single via the small bear imprint and will feature ‘hit it’ by the Bordellos and ‘her name is love’ from Schizo Fun Addict. What makes the release all the more interesting is what Jet calls the forced collaboration element. Inside each cassette will be a cut up piece of artwork taken from a limited John Squire lithograph from the Roses gig at Phoenix Park, the hand numbered by Squire part of the litho will be inside the cassette number 1/100. The hope is that those purchasing said cassette will try to get Mr Squire to sign them – every cassette that secures a signature will earn the save the children fund an additional £5 donated by Jet himself. As to the cassette 1/100 if they succeed in getting this one signed it’ll be put up for auction on ebay will all proceeds going to the charity.   

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