heaven alone knows why we are drawn to unpronounceable releases but this roughly translates as ’dream of spiral’ according to our online  translate and its by NNMIE who we believe resides in Japan and beyond that little is known – or at least little known that we can unearth. Still this slice of playfully sunny folk fancifulness ought to appeal first hand to those among you somewhat suffering withdrawal symptoms brought on by through the relative silence emanating from the bearsuit imprint of late, can someone run along and give them a shake. Anyhow this little gem twinkles to a delightfully crooked clockwork framing where wheezing Fischer Price toy instruments chuckle, chatter and coo to the lulling lunar lullaby at work which we here are very much minded to compare to a chill toned and affectionately shy eyed Gulliver.  http://nminmi.bandcamp.com/album/-   

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