psyche corporation

Due partly to ineptness and a bit of stupidity on our part we’ve managed to mislay the link from whence this came, anyhow we happened across it via a face book posting – that much we do know. Prized from a forthcoming fifth album this is the psyche corporation with an un-mastered version of ‘monarchy’ – not your normal pop sortie I’m happy to say, for this lot appear to occupy classical worlds traced upon the secret hollows of the imagination all spirited upon ethereal netherworlds where tender and tormented fantasias line up in battle formations. A demurring ghostly dream like aura emanates throughout this noir speckled enchantment, laced up in seduction and shadow lined in steampunk essences it coils hypnotically as though a lost scene from Derek Jarman’s ‘Jubilee’ purred divinely in a soft silken sensual elegance clipped by prowling chamber gouged dark wave dialects. Quite stunning if you ask me.   

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