Here’s something of a treat, an extended sound sample previewing the as yet untitled forthcoming album from Dominic Deane’s Ten which all things going according to plan should see the light of day sometime around February. In truth something that ought to be of primary interest to those fully paid subscribers of the Trensmat imprint given that in its 25 minute cycle Deane explores pop’s unchartered outer worlds along the way traversing the kind of mesmeric sonic spaces occasioned upon by the likes of Loop and the Telescopes for here there’s a quiet elegance, a poise and a majesty where ambient architectures are softly fused in dreamy hymnals, elsewhere cosmic distress calls are  sprayed and dimpled in sun spot activity amid the wallowing ebb and flow of dronal tides and vague noir sequences, not for the playing during the hectic shove and shuffle of the day’s travails but something best experienced in a quiet moment that way its intimacy is allowed free reign to draw you in and take you aboard its shimmer toned orbs for a journey into the void wherein old school bliss kissed neo classicism eyeballs minimalist modernity along the way encountering hushed visitations of such lulled reverence as to make Low sound like death metallers. One for the wants list I suspect. 

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