white noise sound

another nugget we happened upon just before we went off radar – now with sound links – new out on the adored rocket girl….

Incoming via the ever adored rocket girl imprint soon will see the return to this cosmic quarter of White Noise Sound with ‘like a pyramid on fire’ the second full length from these shade adorned dudes. For now though and sent ahead on a scouting trip timed to coincide with an appearance at the Convergence Festival where they’ll be sharing the billing with label mates and like-minded sonic explorers Eat Lights Become Lights, ‘Heavy Echo’ looks set to turn heads and dive headlong in to your affections emerging from the shimmer toned recesses of the Spacemen 3 spectrum seductively honeyed and awash cased in a pure psych pop pulsar that vapour trails the soft alluring opining glow of a classic era MBV – alas no links just yet – the video accompanying the press release is set to private but we are working on it, I should also say at this point that ‘All you need’ – incidentally track 3 on the album – which we’ve been treated to a sneak preview of will blow you away with its dream dripped lunar pop prowess sounding to these ears like some star crossed meeting point where OMD and Slipstream can be found sharing notes and words of fondness.


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