Totally besotted by the latest sonic work book heading out of the Doldrums sound factory, just ahead of a new Sub Pop set ‘Air Conditioned Nightmare’ due to arrest early April, ‘loops’ has been sent out on early reconnaissance to work the club floors and playfully ruffle your fringes. Perfect for those just wanting to lose and detach themselves from a painful split, framed upon fading Balearic sunsets drifting underneath the safe cloak of nights darkness and sumptuously wired into pulsing Moroder styled motifs, there’s a frenetic radiant busyness at play here whereupon an old school 70’s vintage collide with demurring lilts of a post techno / rave come down over which the soulful purr of down tempo dialects and a lights lowered sophistication oozes seductively beneath with an off-setting crushing memories rewinding ache.  

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