death and vanilla

Another ensemble that we’ve had the pleasure of featuring in these pages many, many moons ago when we were ever so much younger are Death and Vanilla. Last time out they arrested our listening space and had us in surrendering states when at the time signed to the fledging though insistently forward thinking and acutely cool Moon Glyph imprint. These days picked up by Fire where shortly they’ll be adoring turntables with a new full length ‘to where the wild thing are’. Before that though and to prepare your listening palettes the quite something else ‘Arcana’ has been sent ahead on a scouting mission. As good a place to start in describing this shy eyed gem is to say it’s exquisite – scarcely a dry eye in the place for this beauty veers momentarily in to view all sepia trimmed, haloed and shaded in vintage 60’s noir toned baroque posies softly crushed in forlorn love noted opines, a heavenly honey falling headlong into sound worlds once inhabited by a very youthful Broadcast (and the Soundcarriers come to think of it) whilst found mournfully patrolling an orbital trajectory from inside a cocooned astral bubble transmitting fading distress calls to a silent and somewhat lost home world, transfixing and utterly captivating.

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