Brief mention for this, eyed on the future Static Caravan listings schedule and due for release in what we assume to be a criminally limited edition that’ll find it sitting within a USB stick housed inside of a VHS case, this is TVAM who by all accounts of late have been gate crashing the most in demand parties in town having recently shared stages with the likes of Spectres, North Atlantic Oscillation, Eternal Tapestry and more besides. Ears were suitably a-pricked upon hearing this little nugget entitled ‘no explanations’ which in short manifests superbly into a manic frenz gouged psci-fi-tronic star surf twang-a-rama grooving that imagines some TV21 obsessed studio soiree between a zonked out speed freaking Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet party incorporating passing Man…or Astro Man extras forging dark deeds with a clearly at the edge pre chart bothering ‘keep the circle around’ era Inspiral Carpets. Any questions?

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