exile pots

Exile Pots – the well of night’

Those with memories stretching as far as last year’s pre festive periods might well recall us enthusing about Exile Pots’ ‘sorcery’ EP – a deeply engaging head expanding spectacle of dubbed out astral ambience where if I recall rightly such names as Tangerine Dream and Floyd where summarily called to mind in a dreamy instant. Well now the blighters only gone and sneaked out to little fanfare a full length set entitled ‘the well of night’ – a beautifully spacious delight, twinkled in all manner of lulling cosmidelica which alas due to time being a cruel mistress we’ll have to put on hold from listening to a little more fully though not before drawing your attention to the quite beguiling ‘frank the signalman’. This sweetly amorphous titan affords the chance to slip away for some blissed kissed out of body experiences, best experienced loud through headphones in order to capture the full on trip-a-delic effect, the dimpling lush recline of the dissolving reverb mirages cast woozy shimmer toned ripples as the dreamy mosaics carry you aloft on a galactic ride deep into the cosmic outlands, it’s an utterly becalming and chill dripped kosmiche spectacle of the highest order which should you be in need of modern day reference markers we’d suggest the cosmic canvas’ of Craig Padilla as an as were happy bedfellow. http://exilepots.bandcamp.com/album/the-well-of-night  

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