devon folklore tapes Volume III – inland water

Image of Devon Folklore Tapes Vo.III - Inland Water

Another release high on our wants list is what appears to be a superbly packaged set through those folklore tapes folk. ‘Devon Folklore Tapes Volume III – inland water’ finds Sam McLoughlin paired up with David A Jaycock on a beautifully haunting suite that originally appeared a little while back on cassette whereupon selling out fast it became something of a legend uttered of in hushly fond tones by devotees of strange psychogeographic folk.  The set now finds itself expanded over 2 ten inch slabs of wax all beautifully packaged and housed to include a now trademark research book in an edition of 500 – all hand stamped. While we are about it looking for – no doubt begging – for review materials, here’s an extended sound cloud extract. Had us much minded of those prized Ochre sets from Stylus way back in the mists of musical time, this suite beautifully shadow plays between passages of elegant floral fancifulness and weird ear wooziness, blending and interweaving moments of sunny pastorals with haunting hazes of threatening overcasts with occasional detours into demurring dream sequences and the uncovering of secret hideaways – a most bewitching and rewarding listening spectacle finitely balanced between the eerie and the elegiac.

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