Happened across this dark kaleidoscopic cutie via one of those follow requests on that there sound cloud page type thing. This is – I’m assuming – the latest thing emerging from the Leeds based imprint plastic fish who thus far to date have managed with some aplomb to avoid our usually inquisitive gaze. A two track sortie from the aptly named Lull that features the softly smoked ‘cursed’ – in short a gorgeous shadow playing slice of becoming seduction that wraps itself in the darker personas of the much admired Haight Ashbury albeit as though playing studio tag with Kull, this bliss haloed darling delicately weaves its spell crafting intoxia amid a swirling haze of black hole showers of west coast haziness to both enchant and strangely beguile. Flip side features ‘rusk’ a lovelorn shoe gazing beauty freefalling into the euphoria hazed dream drifts of a ‘loveless’ era My Bloody Valentine whilst simultaneously adored in the vapour trailing wisps of a youthful dead leaf echo albeit as though sparring with a super chilled less erratic ned’s atomic dustbin.

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