jay tausig

staying with secret treats tucked inside goodie bags, Fruits de Mer’s planned summer soiree ‘the 14th dream’ festival, the one after ‘games for may’ – you’ll be greeted by a very special CD release by Jay Tausig – who at one time was a regular feature around these parts but of late has – I’m grumbling to say – gone a little quiet. Now we’ve managed to lose sight off the link / posting with all the handy back ground info on this, but I’m sure I seem to remember mention made of 200 specially pressed up CD’s, don’t quote me on that though. Entitled ‘reflections and quiet splendour’ – the set features two cuts revealing of the many varying sonic personas of Tausig. ‘quiet splendour’ is a mammoth thirty-minute head trip that curiously finds Tausig freewheeling the whole sonic spectrum whilst likewise, strangely for him, playing a straight bat in its execution. Irrefutably awed by Floyd, it’s a lengthy symphonic dream cycle concentrated on sound textures, whose sonic tapestry is soured in a distantly thoughtful melancholia, book ended in piano interludes wrapped in nostalgic auras that seamlessly dovetail jauntily into mellowing cosmic folk raptures themselves dissipating into beardy ambient overtures not to mention kosmiche detours, you can’t help noting the loose freeform artistry applied within, its fractured dislocation crookedly veers from being part woozy, part chin stroking and part trippy with Tausig at times found slipstreaming between the hairy elements of an anything goes attitude Dungen to the story book visioning of Mike Oldfield and the out-there wig out Frippiness of the Ozrics. At 7 minutes in length ‘reflections’ is the more together sibling of the set, very Tangerine Dream though that’d be a clearly stoned and wasted TD, in short a gorgeously crafted lunar mosaic delicately ghosted in a drifting delta folk detailing for the best part before jettisoning off into bliss bathed climes aboard on what can only be described as an astral magic carpet ride.  https://jaytausig.bandcamp.com/album/reflections-and-quiet-splendor   

Reflections and Quiet Splendor cover art


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