scarfolk council

Happened across this quite beautiful oddity on a recent rummage around posting sites, one for those much loving of altered timelines and secret villages and places removed from common day realities not to mention founded, or so you would think, straight from the pages of Nigel Kneale or John Wyndham novel. This eerie intermission arrives from sinister setting that is Scarfolk, by way of permission from the town council, secret research tapes have been unearthed and released for public consumption, this being a field recording taken from the stone circle resting site where lie the gathered collection of souvenir artefacts broken up from the standing stone inside of which was mysteriously encased music teacher Mrs Payne. How she came to be there is still to this day a mystery, however the stone was broken up and sold off as trinkets by the name ‘Payne’s pain’. However, even by the unusually strange constitution of the town folk, following numerous reports from patrons who had purchased said ‘gifts’ that they heard ghostly sounds of music in their homes, the items were recalled by way of a local council edict, this being a recording of that music from their new home at the centre of the stone circle.

Further reading / research / holiday bookings….those wishing to find out more about Scarfolk should go to – happy visiting.     

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